DWTS: Bristol Palin's Not So Modest Proposal Was She Too Saucy?


Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin was totally out of her element on Monday night. She is not an entertainer, she is not a performer and she certainly isn’t a dancer. She is famous for being the daughter of Sarah Palin, a teen mom and tabloid fodder. She is not known for her grace or great footwork. But each season of Dancing with the Stars includes a handful of underdogs, those on the public stage who have not business being on a performers stage.

One of Bristol’s conditions about doing the show was that her outfit be “modest.” But on last night’s episode, her dancing debut, modest it wasn’t.

Yes, there was full coverage. But her costume was still short, red hot and she started the number off with a quickie strip routine, ripping off her conservative jacket to show her more “wild side” underneath. And there is a reason why some religions don’t approve of dancing, it can get pretty saucy. With Bristol’s shimmying, strutting and the thigh grabs from her partner, it didn’t come off as modest but rather more saucy and seductive.  But that’s the nature of the Cha Cha and many of the other racy routines that dances may engage in.

Do you think to it was too saucy, mild or a mistake for her to do the show at all? And what do you think mom Sarah Palin thinks of her wild child?

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