DWTS: Jamie Lee Curtis Was There AGAIN But Look WHO She's With!


DWTS Jamie Lee Curtis
There was a familiar sight yet again in the audience of Dancing with the Stars. Cheering on front runner Jennifer Grey was movie star, children’s book writer and mom Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been a fixture in the crowd since week one. She has enthusiastically cheering from the side lines every week, except for the week when she missed it to attend her father’s funeral…but the next week she was right back in the crowd along side Jamie Lee Curtis’ husband and young daughter.

But this week there was another famous face cheering on Jamie Lee Curtis…Melanie Griffith! And these ladies have a very interesting bond beyond being part of Jennifer Grey’s cheering squad..

Both these ladies grew up in Hollywood. Both went on to have their own big careers. They both married movie stars. And BOTH of their moms starred in Alfred Hitchcock movies!

Jamie Lee Curtis’s mom was Janet Leigh who starred Psycho (1960) in and Melanie Griffith’s mom is Tippi Hendren who starred in Marie (1964) and The Birds (1963). Did this bond bring them together or just their love of Jennifer Grey?