DWTS Ricki Lake Supports Her Former Nanny


Ricki Lake wants to win Dancing with the Stars.  But more than that, she wants everyone to support her former nanny, Marie DaSilva and the humanitarian work she’s doing.  Marie was Ricki’s trusted nanny to her two boys, Milo, now 14, and Owen, now 10.  Marie started an orphanage in her home in Jacaranda eight years ago, and has educated over 4,000 orphans.  And Ricki wants everyone to know about it.  This morning she tweeted, “I love and support my former nanny, Marie and all she s doing for the children of ”  For her part, Marie loves Ricki and wants her to win DWTS.

Marie tweeted that everyone at the orphanage is on Team@RickiLake!  Not surprisingly, Ricki says Marie was an amazing nanny to her children, and now she’s a hero to them as well.  I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering what nanny agency Marie was with?

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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