DWTS: The Most Adorable Dancing with the Stars Moment! Coco Cheers on Dad David Arquette

Cutest Dancing with the Stars Moment?

Dancing with the Stars has many attributes. Music, gowns and (sometimes) glorious dancing. And every now and then there is unguarded moment – a moment that is totally adorable.

In the premier episode of Dancing with the Stars Season 13 there was a super cute moment featuring dancing dad David Arquette and his daughter Coco. What happened?

Coco and her mom Courteney Cox had front row seats for David Arquette debut. After his first dance the two were up and standing giving him a standing ovation. And little Coco? She looked so proud!  A fact that was not lost on host Brooke Burke. She asked him about it and he said about his daughter being there…

“It’s just so beautiful to see her. She is the light of my life, I’m just so happy she’s here.  I love her so much.”

After David told the millions of viewers about his love for his daughter, she looked totally shocked and surprised looking to her mom in awe. Very cute!

Photo: ABC