DWTS: What Will Happen If Bristol Palin ACTUALLY Wins? 4 Things That Could Go Wrong


Bristol Palin is very much the underdog in terms of talent during the Dancing with the Stars finale. Heck, she’s not even a “star” to begin with. Now most would think Jennifer Grey is a shoe-in and Kyle Massey has that charisma going for him…but Bristol Palin? She apparently has the votes from her very avid supporters. There have rumors that Sarah Palin’s daughter has been the focal point of a questionable voting scheme where Tea Partiers are driving the votes. Due to this, the whole Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars thing has become very political. But what would happen if she actually won the WHOLE thing?

1. More people will shoot their television sets. After witnessing Bristol Palin getting this far on Dancing with the Stars, a rural Wisconsin resident opted to shoot his TV and then have a stand off with a SWAT team until the morning. Yes, Bristol Palin made him do this. Hopefully others won’t follow his example this evening!

2. People stop watching Dancing with the Stars. Here on Babble we have had oodles of people commenting on our Dancing with the Stars coverage saying that if Bristol Palin won that they would stop watching the show…forever. They were/are upset that someone with not much talent, who isn’t even an entertainer in the first place, could get this far. They want her gone.

3. Sarah Palin would run for president. If her daughter could win, as entering as SUCH a long shot, would this send a message to her mom that she too could come from underdog, critically un-acclaimed status to win something they really aren’t suited to win?

4. Chaos. Would the blogs, the papers, the tabloids and the pundits just have SUCH a field day that no one would know what to make of it? Would it be a rally cry for the Tea Party? Would there be (more) accusations of voter fraud? Would Bristol become a real entertainer? The mind boggles.

What will you do if Bristol Palin wins?