Real Housewives of NJ Banned - New Jersey County Club's Dis on the Ladies!


When you think ‘County Club’, you generally think of golf, tennis and afternoon tea with Taylor and Darcy. You generally don’t think of hair pulling, police activity and cat fights featuring the likes of Teresa Giuduce, Ashley Holmes and Danielle Staub. But when you get vocal, volcanic women doing their thing for the world of reality TV, they can turn what should have been a mellow get together for ladies who lunch and turn it into something more fitting for the WWF. And North Jersey Country Club – the place where the infamous Real Housewives battle went down is apparently embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed of what went down. And they’re taking action to make sure it doesn’t happen again. They have banned the Housewives for life!

What did the Country Club say?

Gawker got their hands on a letter sent to members a week after the episode aired. The letter was meant to distance themselves as much as they could from the events that took place. They admitted that they made a poor judgment call in letting Bravo film there.  In the apology letter to their members it said, ” We are all embarrassed with the staged behavior of these cast members at our Club.”  And that “it is safe to say that the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast and crew members are not welcomes at the North Jersey Country Club and I assure you that nothing like this will ever occur again at this Club.”

And they didn’t just ban the cast and crew for life but they also went on to dis the housewives as people saying, ” it is quite apparent from watching that the cast members are not affiliated with the Club or more importantly represent the many great families that comprise the North Jersey membership that call this Club their second home. Further, these women do not represent the people and families of our many neighboring towns or the population of the great state of New Jersey. (Hasn’t he watched the Jersey Shore?!?)

Do you think the Club manager is being a bit too harsh? Do you think the Real Housewives are shining a bad light on the state of New Jersey?

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