Earl Boykins : Show Your Kids Anything is Possible

Earl Boykins

Earl Boykins is a basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA.  He is the second shortest basketball player in NBA history at five foot, five inches.  Only Muggsy Bogues at five foot, three inches has been shorter.

Boykins was filling in last night for an injured Brandon Jennings in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers.  How did he do?

He scored 22 points, including three three-pointers.  The Bucks defeated the Lakers with a score of 98-79.

Boykins said, “If you play with effort and belief, you can do anything.”

What an amazing lesson for our children! This isn’t a player who has the height that we usually associate with being a successful basketball player.  Yet, he has worked hard to get where he is.  We can use him as an example to our children that if they work hard and really want something, almost nothing is out of their reach!