Earthquake Hawaii - Celebrities Favorite Vacation Spot Gets Shaky

earthquake hawaii
Hawaii Earthquake

This time of year we see lots of pictures of our favorite celebrities sunning themselves and their families on the beaches of Hawaii.  Things are getting a bit shaky in the celebs favorite vacation spot after a minor earthquake hit the beaches this afternoon.

The earthquake occurred between the islands of Oahu and Molaki.  It measured a magnitude of 3.6.  While there were no injuries and no major damage has been reported, the earthquake was felt on the beautiful beaches of Waikiki.  The beaches are home to some of the outdoor shots for the TV show Hawaii 50 and have been a haven for an array of celebrities ranging from President Barack Obama who grew up in the islands.  Other celebrities who own homes in the 50th state include: Oprah Winfrey, Randy Travis, Drew Barrymore, Lance Armstrong, and many of the cast members from Lost which was filmed in the state.

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