Easter Bunny! Celebrity Parents Share Their Easter Traditions

Ali Landry and daughter

Easter is right around the corner with the Easter Bunny hopping into our homes this Sunday. And he’s not just paying a visit to our homes but the homes of the rich and famous. Here’s what these celebrities parents have to say about the Easter bunny and the traditions they grew up with (and what they’ll pass on to their own kids).

Ali Landry

“I can remember when I was a little girl my mom made me the greatest Easter baskets ever,” she said. “We had to go and find them in the yard because the Easter Bunny left them. This year, I felt now’s the time to start doing these special things. So I did the Easter baskets, I got all the fun stuff, I hid it in the garden. We got together with friends since we don’t have family here and barbequed and did Easter egg hunts over the weekend. All of these things we’re trying to experience and expose her to.”

James Marsden (on Easter when he was a kid)
We did the normal traditions. We did Easter Eve, we never called it that, but the night before, we would die eggs and paint them. We didn’t do anything outlandish or too different than most.  We would wake up and the baskets and the candy would be there and we would have a hunt in the backyard, which always ended up in a fight, by the way.

Dwayne the Rock Johnson
“Even when times were tough, they really did a wonderful job of keeping the notion alive of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy, the spirit of what that means — giving and giving back. I was really fortunate to have a mom and dad in my life who believed in my own potential, even when I didn’t see it at that point. Now, I can look back and reflect and be grateful for those people in my life.”

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