Eddie Ciabran Moves In With LeAnn Rimes, Begins Planning Wedding


Eddie Ciabran has officially moved in with his girlfriend LeAnn Rimes! This means that Eddie’s children will be spending even more time with the country singer, giving her plenty to Tweet about (once she gets back on the social networking system, which she will eventually) and talk to the press about. Eddie’s ex and mother of his children Brandi Glanville can not be happy.

“The kids aren’t supposed to spend the nights with Eddie when he is at LeAnn’s, but on occasion, they do,” a source tells in Touch. “LeAnn and Eddie stay together every night, with or without the children. Plus, this saves Eddie money, which I’m sure he likes!”

What’s more? The couple may be planning a wedding! LeAnn has reportedly been dishing the news to her neighbors since she would like to hold the ceremony in their backyard.

“She recently confided to some of them that they want to host their wedding there,” says one resident. “It’s a gated community with rules, so LeAnn and Eddie wanted to find out what was allowed in regard to weddings. They met with their homeowners association to get specifics on hosting a wedding. She wants to get married ASAP.”


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