Eddie Murphy Turns 50, Forces Kids To Sing To Him


eddie murphy, nickelodeon, kids choice awards
Eddie Murphy Turns 50-Years-Old Today. (April 3)

Eddie Murphy was on hand last night at Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Awards where he accepted the award for “Favorite voice from an animated movie.” But I am sure that if the kids knew what they were in for they would not have voted for him to begin with.

When Murphy got up on stage to accept his award, he made it very clear that it was almost his birthday. The actor turns 50-years-old today (April 3).

Murphy refused to leave the stage until all 10,000 guests sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

Murphy definitely seems like a person who is all about himself. Does anyone remember when he lost the Oscar for Dreamgirls and left immediately after losing?

What do you think about Murphy’s birthday demand?