Edie Falco Gets Help From Friends and Nannies For Her Kids

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Edie Falco

Edie Falco has a village of help with her kids.  And she’s not afraid to admit it!

“Working with two small children, two and five, takes a village,” she says. “No finesse involved. Nothing’s perfect. I have a surrogate family. Friends with no kids who lend a hand plus a number of nannies since the babies were born.”

The Nurse Jackie star is one celebrity mom who admits to having lots of help in raising her children, Anderson, 5, and Macy, 2.

With a busy schedule for the hit Showtime series, she don’t feel the mom guilt anymore.

“When I miss them I miss them, what can I do? I could feel guilty, but it’s a waste of time. I used to blame myself for stress. I don’t do that anymore.”

Edie says that when she isn’t working, she focuses on the kids.  What does she do with them?

“I do breakfast pancakes or cereal. I take them to school. Nannies cook or we do takeout.  In my jeans and T-shirt, no make-up, I take them to the park.”

So how does she avoid feeling the mom guilt about having a successful career?

“I provide them lots. I make money to give them things. I must believe that’s good enough and that they’ll eventually pick up on that. Both are in school. I’m grateful for my career, friends, and I have gratitude. If you have that, nothing is bad.”

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