Egypt is Free: 5 Celebrities Who Tweeted Their Congrats!


Celebrities aren’t as jaded as you think. While most of the our stars were tweeting about what they had for lunch, what their PR commitments are for the day or what they are wearing, others tackled a more serious subject – the topic that Egypt is Free and about Mubarak resigning.

So what celebrities tweeted their opinions on the matter? We found five! See what they said right here:

Patton Oswald – Just received 100,000 “Mubarak 4Ever” custom drink coasters. Had ’em special made — very pricey, but…oh F*%K!

Danny DeVito – “Egyptian people congratulations! Democracy! Keep holding on peacefully! You have the positive direction. Human rights! Democracy! Freedom! Peace among you. Egypt listen to the sounds of freedom. Embrace each other and the world in peace. Party on!”

Melissa Joan Hart -” Only history will tell us what this means for Egypt but I for one am tearing up knowing change has come for that country!”

Simon Von Kemplan (from Real Housewives of New York City) ” after 17 days the inevitable has happened Mubarak Steps Down YAY to #PeoplePower (and social media)”

Elizabeth Hasselback – “Mubarak steps down – next move- beware of @ElBaradei he is still a STOOGE of Iran”

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