Eli Young Band Forgets National Anthem Lyrics (Video)

Eli Young Band National Anthem
Lead Singer of Eli Young Band forgets National Anthem lyrics

The Eli Young Band performed the National Anthem at the Kansas City Chiefs versus Denver Broncos game this past Sunday in Kansas City.

Or, the sort of performed it, anyway. The country group previously had three Top 40 Hits: “When It Rains,” “Always the Love Songs,” and “Radio Waves.” But, when it came to the National Anthem, they didn’t do quite as well. Maybe not enough practice time? I’m not sure what happened!

In fact, they had a failed attempt and then started over…and really did not do much better the second time around, much to the dismay or possible amusement of the crowd. And the band’s dismay, I’m sure.

One fan caught it on video. The crowd was definitely not impressed at all.

Want to see the debacle?

You would think that they would have been better prepared and practiced! How embarrassing!

Be honest: do you know all the words to our National Anthem? Would you have boo’ed?

Photo: PRPhotos

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