Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods Fighting Over Their Children?


Elin and Tiger have been living separately since the cheating scandal broke and divorce seems inevitable. The couple have two kids, Sam, 2,  and Charlie, 1,  and it remains to be seen how they will handle custody if they split for good. 

Elin spent some time traveling by herself while Tiger took the kids on vacation so they’ve gotten to spend quality time together. However, all is not well when it comes to future plans for the children.

Elin plans to spend more time in her native Sweden and is even working on fixing up a house there currently. She expects the kids to be with her and Tiger is not happy about that. It would mean longer periods of time he’d need to go without getting to see them.

“There’s conflict between Tiger and Elin,” a source told “And Elin doesn’t just give in and do what Tiger wants. She’s become very independent.”

It’s clear that Tiger loves his children. He stated during his press conference at the Masters that one of his biggest regrets was missing his sons 1st birthday when he was in sex rehab. “Whatever anyone thinks of Tiger, he loves his children,” the source said. “You can’t criticize him as a parent at all.”

We hope these two can work something out that is best for the kids.