Elin Nordegren Goes Back To College. For Psychology Degree?


Elin Nordegren goes back to college rollinsTiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren is taking a summer class at Rollins College, reports RadarOnline. Woods’ soon-to-be ex attended her first class last night. All we can say is, “Go, Elin!” Her return to education is a true sign that she’s empowering herself, taking hold of her independence, and thinking ahead. It’s also a sign that she’s not moving to Norway any time soon. Rollins, a small liberal-arts college, is located outside Orlando, FL,  driving distance from Tiger’s home and the rental property that Elin shares with the kids.

Apparently she got the school idea from one of her nannies, who, too is enrolled at Rollins. Last night, though, it was Tiger who watched the kids while Elin attended class.

So what’s she taking? She’s enrolled in Rollin’s Hamilton Holt School. That’s the college’s night-class division. Says its website: 

“Our programs are designed with working adults in mind. We know the challenge of balancing life, work, family, and education, and we don’t think you should have to sacrifice one area for another. For that reason, our evening classes allow you to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees at a time that fits your schedule.”

Her class meets at 6 PM on Mondays. Classes offered during that time period include “Intro to Psychology,” “Pop Culture & Communication,” “Literature of Psychological Trauma,” “Music History,” and “Villains of the Small Screen.”

I’m not making these up. Intro to Psych, Pop Culture & Communication (no joke!), and Lit of Psychological Trauma? Any of those could all come in handy for the Woods-Nordegren crew right now.