Elin's Interview with People: We've Got the Details


Elin Nordegren’s divorce from Tiger Woods was finalized this week, and, unlike most couples who get divorced routinely around the country, this split was covered by almost every media outlet imaginable. Since Thanksgiving of last year, when rumors of Tiger’s infidelity surfaced (and eventually caused the downward spiral that is the public image of Mr. Woods), reporters from the most respected publications all the way down to the weekly rags sat around salivating for the next juicy bit of information to be released.

In the past couple of months, though, intense media speculation has died down, especially because once Jesse James’s problems hit the web, we kind of forgot about the unfortunate mess that was the Woods-Nordegren marriage. In addition, neither Tiger nor Elin seemed too enthusiastic about sharing their problems with millions of Americans (and who could blame them, really?), so first-hand accounts were few and far between (not counting that creepy commercial using Tiger’s father’s voice before his return to golf).

However, now that the divorce is final, Elin is bringing her side of the story to the limelight. In a super exclusive interview in this week’s People magazine (she insists it is the only time she will ever talk publicly about the divorce), Elin shares insight into her life for the past year, how she’s coping, and what she expects of life once her heart has fully healed. Some highlights (and lowlights):

Elin (who has legally changed her last name back to Nordegren) was completely shocked by her ex-husband’s infidelity. She calls it “embarrassing” that she never suspected anything, but since Tiger was always golfing while she was home with the kids, there was no way she could’ve known. Also embarrassing? The fact that preliminary media reports had her cast as a crazed golf club-wielding maniac who went after her cheating husband with a vengeance. Nordegren tells People, saying, “[That] was the thing I had the hardest time with people thinking. There was never any violence inside or outside our home.” In the weeks following the revelations, she took the couple’s two children — Sam, 3, and Charlie, almost 2, — back to her native Sweden, where they skillfully escaped any paparazzi.

Elin and Tiger worked on their marriage for “months” following the aftermath of his many affairs, but the marriage was irreparable, though Nordegren refused to comment on what exactly ruined the marriage for good. The model and former nanny, whose parents are divorced, says her children are her main focus now. “[They give] me the strength to get through every day,” she says, and insists that while she and Tiger may be struggling with their own issues, she will “always have a working parenting relationship” with the golfer.

Source: People magazine