Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Good Morning America: Will Hasselbeck Leave The View?

elisabeth hasselbeck good morning america gma
Elisabeth Hasselbeck joins Good Morning America GMA

News that Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be on Good Morning America didn’t impress me much, but got me thinking: will Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave The View?

The answer is no, Hasselbeck will do double-duty, serving as a GMA correspondent and co-hosting The View.

First up, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is hands down my least favorite part of The View. I find her voice grating and her persistence with her viewpoint to be very pushy. Also, she hardly ever can admit when she’s wrong.

Still, it’s The View, and the point is to bring differing opinions together at the panel for a lively discussion. Elisabeth Hasselbeck just isn’t my cup of tea and in addition to that annoying voice thing, she often seems pretty ill informed.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s gig on Good Morning America will be as a correspondent covering parenting and family issues, with her first segment to air on Monday, October 11 to “look at kids and tattoos the dangers and the alternatives, as well as how parents should handle kids who come to them begging for one. Elisabeth will also look at the growing trend of parents and kids getting tattoos together.”

Mostly, Hasselbeck’s move to GMA doesn’t impact me all that much I watch the Today show but I’ve been reading plenty of comments from non-Elisabeth fans who are not happy with her joining the morning program.

Are you an Elisabeth Hasselbeck fan?


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