Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tells Kate Gosselin To "Get A Job!"


The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck, on Tuesday’s show (June 23), said Jon and Kate Gosselin “shouldn’t have a show,” and that Kate should “get a job.”  Them is fightin’ words.

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Hasselbeck did not agree with co-host Sherri Shepherd when she said that the Gosselins gave up their “jobs” to do the reality show and that essentially the show is Kate’s job (plus her book writing, speaking engagements etc.).  Elisabeth was having none of that, saying, “I don’t care!!!  It’s not healthy for the kids.”

True, she does have a point.  If the show was still just about a couple who have a huge brood, doing their best to raise them, fine.  However, it’s a sad trainwreck at this point with their pending divorce and subsequent custody arrangements, and do we really want to witness the breaking down of this family?

Elisabeth added, “Get the camera off the kids!”

Back to Elisabeth’s statement for Kate to “get a job,” yes, there are arguements all around.  Should Jon and Kate stop the filming of their show?  Maybe.  At the very least until they can work through their separation and divorce and make sure the kids are feeling secure and know, that no matter what, mommy and daddy love them, even if they aren’t together anymore.

There’s the argument, that Jon and Kate should quit the show forever and get ‘real’ jobs… which, might be slightly difficult if they have to try to find help (they probably already have a nanny or two) to watch so many kids, and honestly, at this point, where can these two work that they would make enough money to care for eight children?  Not to mention if they plan to put their kids through college at some point… it would be hard!  They might have to subsidize their incomes with government assistance (if possible/eligible) but the public would be outraged if their tax dollars were going towards such a big family.  Jon and Kate probably can’t win for losing.  They are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Elisabeth, while having some valid points (particularly about the Gosselin kids being filmed during their parents divorce), is being somewhat hypocritical… she started her “career” by being on a reality show and she’s on TV now.  No, her kids aren’t being filmed (although she has shown them on The View in the past – I KNOW, not the same thing), so have to give her that, but honestly, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Just sayin’.

Check out the heated discussion:


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