Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Erin Andrews: Sorry, Thanks to Grace


Elisabeth Hasselbeck apologized on The View today for her glib remarks about Dancing With the Star’s Erin Andrews skimpy outfits.

The background: ESPN’s Erin Andrews, if you haven’t heard, was the victim of a stalker, who surreptitiously photographed her and then posted the pictures on the internet. Hasselbeck, who is a co-host of The View, suggested that Andrews might want to choose less revealing dance ensembles, in light of that incident. Andrews–and many others–took offense.

But Hasselbeck seemed to genuinely realize her mistake, and offered a public apology on The View today, which she credited her daughter, Grace, with inspiring. Apparently, Hasselbeck told Grace she felt sad that she had hurt someone’s feelings yesterday and Grace, all of 5, suggested she call the person and make amends.

“So thankfully I listened to her, she is a wise little girl, and so I did,” explained Hasselebck, fighting back tears. “I am really sorry and I wanted to offer that publicly.”

I feel conflicted about this, because on the one hand, the sentiment that it reflects–that women who dress a certain way are somehow to blame for criminal behavior on the part of some men, is truly a detestable attitude. On the other hand, sometimes people say stupid things. I know I do. And having watched The View a time or two, I know Elisabeth does, too. So I think we can probably file this under that and call it a day.

What are your thoughts? Did Elisabeth go to far?


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