Elisabeth Rohm Celebrates Daughter Easton's Third Birthday

elisabeth rohm daughter easton birthday
Elisabeth Rohm celebrates daughter Easton's birthday!

Elisabeth Rohm just celebrated daughter Easton August’s third birthday and is sharing the celebration at her blog on

Rohm explains that her due date was initially April 28, which just happens to be Elisabeth’s birthday!

She shares, however, that it didn’t quite work out she hoped: “I was induced (not fun) several weeks early. But, somehow the idea of having a fabulous bash that celebrated Easton’s big day and loosely mine, remained and has become an annual tradition.”

How did Elisabeth make Easton’s birthday special? Rohm explains, “This year our theme was spring … flowers everywhere, eggs hidden in bushes with plastic bugs! The food was Mexican — fresh herbs and grilled foods. Our musician Sandra Sandia sings songs in every language and totally embraces life! There were the usual kid favorites of face-painting and piñata-bashing in search of the loot.”

Rohm also dishes on the post-kid party burnout that most moms face: “But by the time the party is over I’m in the fetal position on the couch — I’m sure you moms relate.”

Check out all of the pictures from the backyard party Elisabeth Rohm threw for her daughter – so cute!

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