Elisabeth Rohm - Skyppe And The Phone Are Not Enough!


Elisabeth Rohm is back to her baby blogging ways.  In this week’s People’s Celebrity Baby Blog she takes on the topic of moms and work. And finally, we have an honest celebrity.  Unlike the rest of Hollywood, she goes out on a limb, and says Skyppe and the phone are not a substitute for being with our kids.  She admits it hurts to be away from Easton, 3.  But, she’s willing to have those feelings for what it accomplishes.  First, time away from the family allows Elisabeth to have a career.  Second, time away from the family, allows young Easton to learn how she too can, one day, have it all.  Elisabeth writes in her People blog that the toughest words to hear are, “Don’t go Mommy. Don’t work.” Still, she’s willing to sacrifice for what she wants in her life. Isn’t that refreshing? She’s not trying to act like she can have it all, with no trade-offs.  Instead, she’s looked at the downside and has decided it’s worth it for her and her family.  And it’s not just work Elisabeth applies this logic too.  She also

applies it to “visiting a friend or exercise.”  Elisabeth admits it’s hard to have it all, still thinks we can, and believes it’s our job as moms to teach our children the importance of balance.

Photo courtesy: PCN

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