Elisabeth Rohm's Mommy Meltdown!


You may best remember her from Law & Order, but Elisabeth Rohm has a slew of big screen movies ready to hit the silver screen:  Abduction, Chlorine, Transit, and Officer Down. Still, even though she’s conquered Hollywood, this mom of one is having a mommy meltdown! Elisabeth candidly blogged about battling the “mom monster,” for People Magazine.

Her biggest gripe? The thing that really makes her lose her mind? When her family follows her into the bathroom.  Now, maybe she could take one interruption, possibly two.  But when  three year old Easton, followed by the dog, followed by Rohm’s fiance Ron Anthony, all show up, it’s just too much.  And the mommy meltdown begins.  She writes on People’s mom blog,

“I mean seriously, if one more person (or dog!) in my household follows me into the bathroom needing something they can get themselves, I might just have to run for cover.”  Elisabeth’s tips for staying sane?  Let the mom monster win and take much needed time for yourself.  Go to bed the same time as the kids.  If you can’t fall asleep, pretend to be asleep. Quit your 24/7 schedule — just for a short time to re-charge your batteries.  And if you’re as bold as Elisabeth’s one friend, take off for two days.  (Elisabeth admits – she’s not that bold, yet!)

But most importantly, Elisabeth says to realize the mom monster will return.  There’s no way around her- so accept it.  And oh yeah, she also confesses to barging in on her own mother in the bathroom!!

Photo: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

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