Elisabeth Shue Chelsea Lately Interview, "Piranha 3D" (Video)


Elisabeth Shue Piranha 3DElisabeth Shue sits down with Chelsea Handler in this August 19 Chelsea Lately video clip to talk about her new film, “Piranha 3D,” a remake of that campy horror classic.

First up, apparently, Elisabeth and Chelsea get mistaken for each other often, though I’m not seeing more than a far-away-and-squint resemblance.

Shue talks about Piranha 3D, with Chelsea Handler confirming that it’s a stupid-funny movie, which Elisabeth agrees it is exactly that. 

And wow, holy arm muscles on Elisabeth Shue! She credits daily tennis games (two hours every day) with her gorgeous arms and flexes twice during the interview to show she’s not messing around.

As for motherhood, Elisabeth Shue said she’s shown Karate Kid to her kids and they were not impressed, noting that kids are “so sophisticated now” that it’s hard to impress them.

Next up for Shue is a movie with Abigail Breslin Shue will play a meth addict who abandons her daughter. Pretty heavy stuff.

Elisabeth also talks about meeting her husband bowling, of all places and Handler notes that Elisabeth is “a normal gal,” when she says she doesn’t have her own tennis court at home.

Are you an Elisabeth Shue fan? Any plans to see her in Piranha 3D?