Eliza Kruger Pictures Of Mark Sanchez's Home? (VIDEO)


Yesterday, I told you the details of the romance brewing between 17-year-old Eliza Kruger and 24-year-old Mark Sanchez. There was an interview with Deadspin (the same site that broke the story that Brett Favre texted photos of his private parts to Jets hostess Jenn Sterger) as well.

Eliza Kruger allegedly sent pictures of Sanchez’s bedroom (including an unmade bed that the two of them shared and a photo on the wall of him and his nephew) that she took with her cell phone. She also snapped a pictures of the two of them partying together and specifically told Deadspin to use a picture she looked good in. She also said she did not want to be perceived as a ‘gold digger’ because she just wanted to get her story out. Eventually she threatened to sue if the site printed her story.

It’s important to note that if the two are (or were) dating and carrying on an intimate relationship, it was not illegal, and Sanchez cannot be charged with any crime in regards to the pair’s relationship.

That being said, I would hope that a star player for one of the most high profile professional franchises, and role model to many young people, would be aware of what an incident like this would do to his reputation.

Here’s a video with an overview of what’s currently going on:

The Story Behind the Mark Sanchez Teenager Hookup Story: