Eliza Kruger Pictures: See Mark Sanchez 17 Year Old Girlfriend Photos

eliza kruger pictures
View Eliza Kruger Pictures: Mark Sanchez 17-Year Old Girlfriend

Have you heard that Mark Sanchez supposedly has a 17-year old girlfriend named Eliza Kruger? Eliza Kruger claims that she spent the night at the home of the New York Jets quarterback, and boasted about it on Facebook. You can view Eliza Kruger pictures here.

In addition to speaking openly about her encounter with Mark Sanchez, Kruger also sent Deadspin a picture of an unmade bed as proof that she did in fact, hook up with him.

She told Deadspin, “He’s a really nice guy, you know…He’s one of the kindest people, and he’s a genuine person.”

Hmm…if Eliza Kruger’s claims are true, then I’m sure Mark Sanchez isn’t too happy about her kissing and telling.