Elizabeth Berkley: A Good Or Bad Role Model For Teen Girls?

Elizabeth Berkley
Is Elizabeth Berkley A Good Role Model For Teens?

Back in April, it was announced that former Saved By The Bell actress Elizabeth Berkley was planning on writing a self esteem book for teen girls. The book will be called “Ask Elizabeth.” She is basing it on experiences she’s had over the years in her life and career.

Is Elizabeth Berkley a good or bad role model to be giving advice to teens? On the one hand, her character on Saved By The Bell, Jesse Spano, was a total goodie-two-shoes who did well in school and almost could’ve been considered a nerd if she hadn’t been dating hunk A.C. Slater, played by Mario Lopez.

Elizabeth went the total opposite of her Jesse Spano role, however, when she took on the film Showgirls, and played an exotic dancer.

Showgirls was much more recent than Saved By The Bell, so there is a good chance that girls will recognize Elizabeth from that role…not from her much tamer Jesse Spano persona. Will they get the wrong message?

Would you give Elizabeth Berkley’s book to your teenage daughter?

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