Elizabeth Edwards Funeral: Cate Edwards Reads Elizabeth's Letter to the Kids (Video)

elizabeth edwards funeral cate edwards letter video
Elizabeth Edwards funeral: Cate Edwards reads letter

At Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral today, daughter Cate Edwards read from a letter that Elizabeth had written to the kids, a “dying letter” that she started writing years ago to continue to share her wisdom after her death.

Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral was filled with laughter and tears, and I’m amazed that her oldest daughter, Cate Edwards, had such poise and composure while talking about her mother and reading from the letter.

Cate Edwards read from Elizabeth Edwards’ letter:

“I’ve loved you in the best ways I’ve known how. For all I have said about life, I want you to know that all I ever really needed was you – your love, your presence – to make my life complete. You are complete joy to me. I hope you will always know that. Wherever I am, wherever you are, I have my arms wrapped around you.”

During her eulogy for Elizabeth Edwards, Cate spoke about how her mother was “more worried about us” than herself, noting, “She’s been a lighthouse to all of us – a point of guidance when we all feel lost.”

Cate added, “As some of you may know, Emma, Jack and I ended every conversation with our mom by saying, ‘I love you more.’ And she always responded, ‘No, I love you more.’ And as you can imagine, none of us ever won that battle. But today I have the honor of being the last to say, Mom, I really really love you more.”