Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral Gets Protestor Fred Phelps


elizabeth edwards funeral, fred phelps
Fred Phelps Will Protest Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral.

Elizabeth Edwards‘ private funeral service will be this Saturday, but it definitely won’t stop Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church from protesting outside the event.

The anti-gay fundamentalist group, which is led by Phelps, is most known for its protests at the funerals of military servicemen – though it has also picketed such events as theater productions and high school graduations.

Signs like “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” have been raised at military funerals, and the church announced its latest action with a press release titled “God hates Elizabeth Edwards.”

Westboro accused Edwards of “spewing blasphemy” and mounting a “smash-mouthed assault on His deity.”

“Elizabeth Edwards & her faithless husband, John, lightly esteemed what they had. They coveted things that were not theirs – and presumptuously thought they could control God,” the statement reads in part.

This absolutely makes me sick. Can’t these people let someone bury their family member in peace? Funerals are not about belief systems.

How do you feel about Fred Phelps’ organization?