Elizabeth Edwards Funeral : Let Her Rest in Peace

Elizabeth Edwards Funeral Protest
Elizabeth Edwards Funeral Protest?

Elizabeth Edward lost her long battle with cancer on Tuesday at the age of 61. Details for her funeral are now coming out. Along with those details, we hear that Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest her funeral.

Can’t we give this poor woman a break? Even in death. 

Let’s take a look at all that she has had to deal with:

*It can’t have been easy to be the wife of a Presidential candidate. Yet, she was always graceful.

*She had to deal with her husband’s very public affair. All the rumors and speculation.

*Elizabeth Edwards was estranged from her husband and was busy raising their children.

*She was diagnosed with breast cancer that then spread.

*Not only did she have to deal with the cancer, but she had to keep the press updated on her health so that they would give out accurate information and not just make wild conjectures about how she was doing.

*Even the day before she died, she was letting the world know how she was doing. It wasn’t private and intimate with just her family concerned.

Yes, you could say that anyone in the public’s eye gives up the right to their privacy. But, Elizabeth Edwards is no longer with us and her family is left grieving. I think they have been through enough. Talk about her accomplishments and what a great lady she was. No protests, please.

What do you think?

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