Elizabeth Edwards: Health Care Reform Expert, Lesson for All of Us


Elizabeth EdwardsHow Elizabeth Edwards evolved from a victimized political wife into an expert on health care is a lesson for all of us. Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with cancer today but the help she gave the cause of universal health care lives on.  Edwards chose to use her illness to educate people about the disease of cancer and she shed light on the nightmare of our American health care  system.

Edwards took the national spotlight that was shined on her by cheating husband John—and used that spotlight to point out the problems in our health care system.

Edwards didn’t ask to become an expert, she was thrown into the situation because of her firsthand experience but Elizabeth turned her adversity into an opportunity to make change. The Washington Post reports on a speech Elizabeth Edwards made to an event about health care reform:

“Until October 2004, the only time I ever went to the hospital was to have babies,” she says, gently reminding the crowd of several hundred of her first cancer diagnosis. “You have no idea what’s coming down the pike at you.”

Photo: PacificCoastNews

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