Elizabeth Edwards Hopes to Live Eight Years to See Kids Graduate


Elizabeth Edwards, 60, estranged wife of philandering presidential wannabe John Edwards, says she hopes she can survive cancer long enough to see her youngest child graduate from high school, which is eight years away. She has two school-age children, Jack, 10, and Emma, 12.  In a recent publicity blitz for the updated version of her book Resilience, she shared that her stage four cancer has spread.  Heartbreakingly, when asked if she thinks about leaving her children behind without a mother when she passes away she says: “I don’t let my head go that place…I want to live at a normal cadence with my children.”

And she feels a special bond with an unlikely person: an Academy-award winning actress she doesn’t know.

“I think about Sandra Bullock — who I don’t know at all — what an incredible year she’s had,” Edwards, 60, says of Bullock. “She won the Academy Award for an incredible performance, and more than that, she took that story and integrated that into her own life in this healthy happy way…And yet, the stories you hear are not about all those great successes, but about the failure of her marriage.”

“That’s not who she is…I assume she wants to reclaim who she is in the same way I want to reclaim who I am.”


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