Elizabeth Edwards Latest News: Gravely Ill, In No Pain and In Good Spirits (Video)

elizabeth edwards latest news cancer ill children
Elizabeth Edwards latest news: Elizabeth home with family

Elizabeth Edwards’ latest news includes a look at her condition since news of her cancer spreading.

In this CNN video clip, a source close to the Edwards family tells CNN that the prognosis is described in weeks for Elizabeth Edwards, that she’s not in pain and that she’s “prepared for this.”

While the latest news about Elizabeth Edwards is not good, she is at home surrounded by her family and other loved ones.

Doctors say that treatment is “no longer productive.” CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta provides analysis about Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer, noting that it’s best to focus on “keeping her comfortable and free of symptoms.”

What does a patient do? Elizabeth will stay at home with her family versus being in the hospital, keeping her comfortable and with loved ones.

Anderson Cooper talks about the children and the loss of a parent, as well as the relationship between Elizabeth and estranged husband John Edwards.

In the NBC video clip below, Elizabeth Edwards is said to be gravely ill but in no pain and in good spirits, according to a family friend.

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