Elizabeth Edwards Meets John's Love Child


rielle-hunter-daughter-220x3001Perhaps overwhelmed by the spirit of peace and harmony, Elizabeth Edwards has decided to grant Rielle Hunter’s Christmas wish — and help make John’s life hell. According to the Enquirer, Elizabeth is playing the role of peacemaker by insisting that John pay Rielle the $18,000 a month she’s asking for to avoid an ugly court battle. She’s also agreed to meet little Frances Hunter-Edwards.

Is this for real? Earlier this month, we heard that John and Rielle were at loggerheads, with John threatening to kick his former mistress out of the million-dollar house he had just purchased for her. Now, according to the Enquirer’s inside source:

“Elizabeth feels that above all else, John and Rielle need to put their differences aside…

As much as she hates that John has a second family, she can’t stand the idea of Rielle going public with their dirty laundry in court. She instructed John to have his lawyers call Rielle’s people and say they’re giving her what she wants. She’s also going to meet Rielle’s little girl face to face over the next few weeks.”

Apparently, Elizabeth has a soft spot for little Frances and feels it’s unfair for the 22-month-old to suffer for the mistakes of her parents. Way to take the high road, Elizabeth.