Elizabeth Edwards Passes Away : Why So Personal?

Elizabeth Edwards loses battle to cancer
The loss of Elizabeth Edwards will be felt.

Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle to cancer today.

She was a public figure and yet, the loss seems to hit home. Why?

Maybe it is because she was a mom. No mom wants to leave her children behind. Especially children who aren’t yet grown. No mom wants to miss out on all the milestones of getting to watch her children grow.

Maybe it’s because we all got to witness the struggles she had with her marriage. Who has the perfect marriage?

Despite the fact that most of us can’t say that we were married to a presidential candidate, we can also see her as a woman, as a mom, as someone to look up to.

Her loss reminds us of loved ones we’ve lost: maybe to cancer like Elizabeth Edwards. Or just of loss in general: our own moms or dads or grandparents. Friends.  Or even children.

It’s a reminder that life is short.

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