Elizabeth Edwards Talks About John's Affair: I Still Want My Children To See Their Father In A Positive Light (Video)


Elizabeth Edwards is speaking out for the first time since news broke of John Edwards’ affair and love child with new age hippie Rielle Hunter. She was on the Today show this morning to talk about her new book Resilience and discuss what it felt like when she discovered John was having an affair. One thing is clear: She is a very strong woman.

Elizabeth doesn’t regret the years she spent with John, despite how things turned out. “You know, did I waste my time in these years? Have I thrown this part of my life away, in a sense? And I decided that I didn’t. That maybe I didn’t get the same things out of it I expected to, or that I thought I was at the time. But when I look back, there’s really lots of blessings that I’ve had. I’ve had the opportunity, you know, to have these great children.”

Elizabeth says she does not feel bitter, but it seems like that is a conscious decision to not display hate towards John for the sake of their children. “Any family that has been through a divorce or separation knows that there’s lots and lots of dynamics you have to take care of. I have three living children for whom this is a father whom I want them to love and on whom they’ll have to rely if my disease take a bad turn. It’s really important to me that they see him in a positive light.”

“I think I did marry a marvelous man,” she continues. “I think that — that he changed over time. And– and it could not be more clear to me then. You know, I think it was sort of hard for me to see it or admit it for a very long time. But he changed. Maybe we all change over time.”

Will you buy Elizabeth’s book? I know I will.

Below is the entire interview, in which she also discusses how she made the choice to divorce John.

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