Elizabeth Edwards Will: Bigger Shock If John Edwards WAS in it

Elizabeth Edwards will
Elizabeth Edwards does not mention John Edwards in her will

It’s no real surprise that Elizabeth Edwards will does not include her estranged husband, John Edwards.

Are you really surprised? Why would she leave him in the will?

She left everything to her children: Catharine, Emma Claire, and Jack.  Her will was last updated on December 1st and she passed away just six days later, after a long battle with breast cancer.

Elizabeth and John Edwards were separated and she had to put up with all the rumors and controversy from his affair.  She knew that her fight with cancer was coming to an end. There was no reason for her to leave him in her will. It makes much more sense that she cut him out of it and left everything to her children.

Were you surprised by the news that John Edwards wasn’t in her will? Or did you expect it?

Read her will here.

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