Elizabeth Hurley Weight Loss Secret: Almost Nothing for Breakfast


Elizabeth Hurley weight lossIf you’re looking for Elizabeth Hurley’s weight loss secret, you may want to consider lightening up on breakfast, as she does.

Or maybe not.

Elizabeth Hurley took to Twitter to share her diet secrets, but I’m wondering who asked for that much information.

Elizabeth Hurley shares: “Btw my diet survived the onslaught of phenomenal vacation food-doctors disagree, but I swear by almost nothing for breakfast for adults. Mugs of hot water first thing, maybe an espresso and a few oat cakes mid morning.”

There you have it, ladies. Hot water and oat cakes are the secret to keeping you as svelte as Liz Hurley!

Wondering what oat cakes are all about? They are a British high fiber cracker, containing 50 calories each.

So why did Elizabeth Hurley share her breakfast habits with the world? Recent sunbathing photos of Hurley in a bikini had people buzzing that Elizabeth must have had plastic surgery to look so good.

Hurley said on Twitter: “I read that I’ve just had breast implants-happy to report still au naturel but I do wear exceptionally well cut bikinis.”

So, let’s nail it down oat cakes and well cut bikinis… I’ll have to try that, but I’m not sure Elizabeth Hurley’s results are typical!

What do you think of Elizabeth Hurley’s weight loss secret? Is it ever a good idea to skimp on breakfast?