Elizabeth Smart Story: Elizabeth Smart Gets Justice

Elizabeth Smart Story
Elizabeth Smart Story: Brian David Mitchell Found Guilty

The Elizabeth Smart story is one that most people will never forget. Elizabeth Smart’s story is a tale of courage, strength, and also proof that miracles do happen.

Elizabeth Smart’s story began on the night of June 5, 2002, when Elizabeth was taken from her bedroom in her Salt Lake City home by Brian David Mitchell.  Elizabeth was taken to a camp in the woods behind her home and was held captive by Brian David Mitchell for nine months. It was a miracle when she was found and returned home safely to her family.

Today, Elizabeth Smart’s story came to an end and she finally got justice, as Brian David Mitchell was found guilty of kidnapping her. Despite claims that he was suffering from mental illness, Brian David Mitchell is guilty and will be going to prison, where he belongs.

Elizabeth Smart smiled as the verdict was read. I’m sure that she and her family will sleep much better for the rest of their lives knowing that Brian David Mitchell is behind bars.