Elizabeth Smart Testimony: Elizabeth Smart Ignores Brian David Mitchell In Court And Remains Composed

Elizabeth Smart Testimony
Elizabeth Smart Gave Second Day Of Testimony Today

Elizabeth Smart’s testimony she gave in her second day of court today proves that she was a strong-willed girl at 14, and she still is at the age of 23. Elizabeth Smart ignored Brian David Mitchell, her kidnapper, in the court room today, and remained composed as she gave her grueling testimony about what happened to her during the nine months that Mitchell held her captive.

Elizabeth Smart was subject to different types of abuse from Mitchell, and he also made her get rid of anything tying her to her family. She said that he was a little patient at first when she tried to talk about her parents and how much she loved them, but as time wore on, he would only allow her to refer to them as “Ed and Lois.” Mitchell also immediately burned Elizabeth’s pajamas after kidnapping her, because he didn’t want them reminding her of home.

Elizabeth Smart also gave testimony that she could’ve been rescued in the first few weeks of her ordeal. She ran into a police officer at a library in Salt Lake City, and when he went to remove her veil from her face, Mitchell scolded him and told him it had religious meaning.

Smart said, I was mad at myself that I didn’t say anything…I felt terrible that the detective hadn’t pushed harder and had just walked away.”

Elizabeth Smart is incredibly courageous and brave for all that she had to endure, and even more so now for being able to give her testimony without breaking down.