Elizabeth Taylor Funeral: Requested Funeral Start 15 Mins Late


Elizabeth Taylor quotesElizabeth Taylor was laid to rest today but the funeral started 15 minutes late…by Taylor’s request!  The screen legend was put to rest at Forest Lawn Thursday in a small ceremony that started 15 minutes later than scheduled.  A family spokesperson told the media that Elizabeth Taylor left instructions that her funeral needed to start 15 minutes late.

“She even wanted to be late for her own funeral.”

Always a celebrity, even in death, the media swarmed Forest Lawn cemetery today.  Helicopters buzzed above Forest Lawn as limos carried the family and friends to the funeral. Forest Lawn is the same cemetery where Michael Jackson was laid to rest.  Taylor’s family spokesman told the media that a memorial service will be announced soon for the beloved actress.

Taylor’s burial was in the Jewish tradition, because Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism in 1959 before her marriage to Jewish singer Eddie Fisher, her fourth husband.