Elle MacPherson in the Mom-Outfit of the Week


ellem macpherson

Getting dressed for drop-off in the morning gives me hives. I can’t seem to get it right, and find summer especially difficult. In winter, a pair of neat jeans, sweater, boots always looks put-together. But in summer, when I throw on a tee and skirt, I always seem to look disheveled, no matter how hard I try. So I bow down to Elle MacPherson, who wore the outfit at left to drop her sons off at school today. She’s managed to put together the perfect mom outfit for a hot summer day. Here’s what makes it work:

1. Yellow. I consider yellow the bastard-child of the rainbow. When’s the last time you wore yellow (rain slickers don’t count). It evokes sun, summer, and good vibes. We should all be wearing it more.

2. Her top is just one degree more formal than a tee. It’s still casual, still comfortable, but with the airy ease appropriate for this time of year—and for chasing kids. It fits right, and falls flatteringly to the hip. Anyone would look good in this top. You could smoosh it in a ball and then wear it, and you’d look fine.

3. Her skirt isn’t bleach-stained and mishapen, like most of mine. Really, again, it’s a matter of going one-step up from the super casual. It’s a comfortable skirt that still has a bit of structure. It’s short enough to fit in the fun-and-flirty catalog, but long enough that no one’s going to see your skivvies when you bend down to wipe a kid’s nose. 

And the red sunglasses? She’s merely part of a trend. Still, on Elle they look great.

What do you think? What do you wear to school drop-off?