Elle Macpherson Wows in Skin Tight Gold Dress! (Photos)

elle macpherson
Elle Macpherson at Myers Sydney.

I would absolutely love to know what is in the water that celeb mom Elle Macpherson is drinking. At 47-years young, Elle looks more radiant and youthful than most 20-somethings.

At the Invisible Zinc range at Myers Sydney, Elle turned heads and wowed the crowd in this skin-tight gold dress. There isn’t one inch of material left to spare on this frock, and there certainly wasn’t room for any big meals before the event!

I can’t help but wonder if the products Elle was helping to promote have something to do with why she looks so amazing, or if she’s just blessed with an incredibly perfect gene pool.

Whatever the case may be for her stunning good looks, I can’t help but be a teeny bit jealous! I just don’t think that I could ever pull off a dress like that. Do you?

Here are a few more shots of Elle from the event.


  • Wow! 1 of 5
    Is she wearing Spanx under that dress, or is she really that thin?
  • Can she breathe? 2 of 5
    Can she breathe?
    This dress leaves no room for the imagination...or a deep breath!
  • Hot Mama! 3 of 5
    Hot Mama!
    Elle looks absolutely amazing!
  • Striking a Pose! 4 of 5
    Striking a Pose!
    Why can't all of us be blessed with Elle's genes?
  • Miracle Products? 5 of 5
    Miracle Products?
    Will those products make us look young and thin like Elle?