Ellen on So You Think You Can Dance: How Did Ellen Do? (Video)


Ellen on So You Think You Can DanceSo… Ellen on So You Think You Can Dance – how did she do? Check out the video clip of Ellen DeGeneres on So You Think You Can Dance, proving that a 52-year-old non-dancer can actually turn in a decent performance!

Now, there are plenty of folks that were not too happy to find out that Ellen DeGeneres would perform on the SYTYCD finale, but hopefully after seeing her performance with tWitch, their minds were changed.

Still, for the naysayers out there, you have to admit that Ellen, who appeared to fill in for injured Alex’s role in Lil Jon’s “Outta Your Mind,” made the performance fun and entertaining while interjecting her comedic presence.

Was Ellen a “genuine dance superstar,” as she was introduced? Of course not. But I think her reported month of practice paid off and for the most part made audiences happy.

Ellen on So You Think You Can Dance (video):