Ellen Pompeo and Daughter Make a Rainy-Day Coffee Run (Photos)

Ellen and Stella brave the rain

It’s not a great weather day on either coast today. In these parts, the New York area got a few inches of snow today, and over in L.A., the skies were gray and rainy.

But when you’re a mom who needs a coffee break, you don’t let a few drops get in the way. You bundle up, slap a pair of boots on the kid and forge ahead.

That’s what Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo did today, braving the chill for a cup of something hot at L.A.’s Coffee Bean cafe. With her was her darling daughter, 2-year-old Stella Luna.

Forgoing glamor for comfort, Ellen went for the sweats-and-puffy-coat look, even skipping makeup this time. Who needs to look glamorous when everyone’s just going to look at your cute child anyway?

Check out our mom-and-daughter gallery!

  • A girl’s best friend is… 1 of 6
    A girl's best friend is...
    ...her elephant or her cell phone, depending on how old the girl is.
  • Keeping warm 2 of 6
    Keeping warm
    Puffy coats are a must on a chilly LA. day. Stella Luna - her name means "Star Moon" - accessorizes with a blue pacifier.
  • Drinks in hand 3 of 6
    Drinks in hand
    Ellen opts for a hot drink, while Stella Luna goes with a classic juice box.
  • Watch the puddles! 4 of 6
    Watch the puddles!
    Stella Luna's green boots are perfect for wet weather.
  • Can you direct me to the hospital? 5 of 6
    Can you direct me to the hospital?
    The man here seems to be asking the TV star for directions.
  • On their way 6 of 6
    On their way
    Every mom's dilemma: Now that she has her coffee, will Ellen have time to drink it?

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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