Ellen Pompeo Checks Out A Movie With A Friend (Photos)

Ellen Pompeo

It looks like Ellen Pompeo is having a mom’s night out at the movies. The actress was spotted going to the movies with a friend to see “The Bourne Ultimatum” in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday afternoon.

While I really don’t get to go out to the movies too often (hey, I’m a mom!), with the times that I do, I make sure it’s for a really good movie I want to see, and it looks like Ellen is the same way. I mean, how can you resist Jeremy Renner in an action film, right?

Check out our photo gallery of Ellen and tell us, how often do you have a mom’s night out?

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    Ellen Pompeo
    Ellen Pompeo grabs some popcorn before going to see 'The Bourne Legacy' at a movie theater inside The Americana at Brand shopping mall in Los Angeles.
  • Friday At The Movies 2 of 5
    Friday At The Movies
    What a great way to spend a quiet Friday afternoon, right?
  • Popcorn 3 of 5
    It looks like Ellen is having a "cheat day" with a little popcorn and calories. Hey, we all do it once in awhile.
  • Lookin’ Good! 4 of 5
    Lookin' Good!
    She looks great nonetheless.
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Ellen's mom style?

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