Ellen Pompeo Talks Birthday Cake and Her Stay-at-Home Husband

ellen pompeo chris ivery
Ellen Pompeo's husband, Chris Ivery, cares for Stella while she's on the Grey's Anatomy set

Apparently eating cake is a BIG deal in the Pompeo-Ivery household. When Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery turned 1 last month, she celebrated with her first bite of cake. “She doesn’t really have a lot of sugar, just only in fruit,” Pompeo said. “So the cake was a pretty big deal because she’d never had anything that sweet before. She had little bites.”

“She loved it,” the Grey’s Anatomy star reports.. “[But] she’s not going to have it again until next year!”

While Pompeo spends times on set playing Meredith Grey, Stella stays home with dad Chris Ivery, the actress says.

“He’s such a good dad … he adores her,” she adds. “He really takes pride in not needing me for things. When I’m at work, he lets me know that I don’t need to call and check in on him. He’s fine.”

The couple ensures they have some alone time in the evening.

“Stella goes to bed at 7 o’clock every night like clockwork, as scheduled and then you have the whole night,” Pompeo explains. “We play checkers.”


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