Ellen Takes a Different Tone with Justin Bieber on Her Show Today

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber at Never Say Never Premiere

Did you see Justin Bieber on Ellen today? If you did, you probably noticed that she took a much different tone with him than she did during Justin’s first appearance on Ellen.

The first time he was on the show, Ellen was going on about how cute Justin Bieber was. It was an aw-look-at-the-cute-kid tone.

But, when he appeared on her show today, Ellen couldn’t be complimentary enough of Justin Bieber.

I think Ellen has Bieber fever!

According to Ellen and Usher, Justin’s “Never Say Never” movie is a must-see! With themes about having a dream and perseverance, it sounds inspiring.

Will you go see Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never?”

Photo: PRPhotos