Elsa Pataky Hates Dressing Her Daughter India In Pink


93418PCN_Pataky15After I found out that the first child I was carrying almost six years ago was a girl, I immediately bought everything in Pink from her baby clothes, to the crib blankets, sheets and shoes and even the car seat. I only realized what a huge mistake this was after I found out that my second child would be a boy and that it would be too expensive to buy everything over again in blue.

Thankfully for celebrity mom Elsa Pataky, the color pink is the last thing she wants her daughter India to wear. Chris Hemsworth’s wife says that she hates the idea of having to dress her daughter a certain color just so people can see that she’s a “girl.” She tells People Magazine:

“I am the worst. I hate to dress her in pink and I don’t know why I have to. Even Chris is [saying] all the time, ‘They think she’s a boy! Can’t you put her in something more girly?’  You put them in pink so everyone knows it’s a girl? Why? Just say it. I think if you are a baby and they are already dressing you in pink, it will make you a princess. I just get blues and greys and whites — all different colors.”

Elsa makes a good point there as so many years later, my son is sitting in a very pink car seat in the back of our minivan (but no one really sees it!). Tell us Babble readers, what do you think of the whole pink for girls and boy for blues debate? Do colors really matter to you when it comes to your kids?

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