Elton John 20/20 Interview: Who is Baby Zachary's Father? (Video)

Elton John 20/20 interview baby Zachary barbara walters
Elton John's 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters

Watch Elton John’s 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters (video), where Elton and partner David Furnish talk about planning to have a baby – and answer the question “Who is the father of baby Zachary?”

Elton John’s baby is now four and a half months-old and John explains how Zachary’s birth was a bit of a surprise because they thought the surrogate mother would go into labor later. Instead, Zachary was a Christmas baby!

Elton John shares the story of the baby’s birth, explaining that since it was Christmas, there was hardly anyone at the hospital – great for a celebrity who was trying to maintain some secrecy.

Elton cut the umbilical cord and both dads took their shirts off for skin-to-skin bonding.

Who is baby Zachary’s father? Given recent pics that show a side-by-side comparison of Zachary and Elton, all signs would point to Elton being the biological dad. Still, Elton and David both contributed, so I’m not so sure finding out the biological father matters all that much to them.

Elton does confirm that Lady Gaga is indeed Zachary’s godmother, saying that she’s a “very simple New York girl who loves her parents,” adding, “I love her death.”

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